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Feeling Good About Getting Better!


I suffered from colitis and chronic fatigue, after meeting with Charlene and sharing some ideas, she suggested a series of Ionic Detox Treatments and Energy Healing. Within months, my energy was back better than ever and my bowel issues healed!   Cheryl, Lindsay,ON

I had sever joint pain and recurring urinary tract infections. A consultation with Charlene led me to some excellent nutritional supplements, cleansing and energy healing... my pain is gone and the frequencies of infections dramatically reduced!  Kim, Oshawa, ON

Pain and numbness in my right hand was limiting my abilities at work and home, I had been to several Dr.'s and specialist without resolve. 3 energy healing sessions with Charlene and I feel better than ever and no longer have the debilitating pain or numbness, I feel so good, de-stressed and rebalanced after the energy work that I make monthly visits for my 'tune-up'- so thankful for energy medicine! Anne, Oakwood, ON

I work construction and am on my feet all day on hard surfaces. I had awful leg cramps, knee and ankle pain. Charlene suggested the Magnetic Insoles from Nikken and improving our water quality to more alkaline, using the Waterfall water system, also from Nikken and I can't believe the change in the way I feel over all, more energy, mental clarity and feel great! Rick, Dunsford, ON

My son had cancer and kidney failure and a very grim diagnosis from the Doctors at Sick Kids. Charlene informed me about remote, or long distant energy healing and set to work with a few different types, Tong Ren, Quantum Touch and a couple others. I didn't know about energy work, and didn't really have andy belief in it. Within a few weeks, while still in hospital, his strength was back along with his appetite, a few months later, much to the dismay of his medical team, he was free of cancer and back to his old self! He came home! They referred to him as the miracle kid! I still don't know how or why energy medicine works, but I know it does and it can only help!  Lisa, Toronto, ON