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     A True Gift For Mother and Baby...

Energy healing treatments are a wonderful gift to mother and baby. It can really strengthen the bond between mother and unborn child. The energy helps to create the space for the mother to relax, feel refreshed, allowing the connection and often communication to flow with ease. Babies love the energy and will either be active and follow the energy or lay quietly, simply bathing in it. Often the energy works to release any tense areas in the mother’s body, such as the lower back; it strengthens and prepares the body for birthing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  The birthing experience for the baby can be very traumatic and can create fear and anxiety. Babies that have been given Reiki and energy treatments have an easier time feeling safe and acclimatizing to their new surroundings. Issues such as colic tend to not be as prevalent. We are actually able to heal into the birthing experience allowing it to be as natural, stress free and smooth as possible.

Tong Ren is a form of Chinese healing that we practice and can be utilized to manage pain during childbirth.
Treatments are given using guidance from Spirit Guides and the Angelic Realm, Reiki is one of the healing energies utilized.

Energy treatments are very helpful for every stage of pregnancy including postnatal. Depression and stress that can result for parents of newborns can be greatly alleviated with energy healing, including postpartum concerns.

Treatments average 45-60 minutes costing $60-$75.
Gift certificates are available in any amount.

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