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Kinetic Treaments for Sports Injury~ current or past...
if you have looked like any of the photo's below, I highly recommend a visit!


Do you have an injury of some sort holding back from playing your best or just feel 'off' your game?

If so I would like to suggest possible treatment options.
Kinetic Alignment Treatment. Often there are misalignment's in the structure of the body, some you may be aware of others not. Through a comfortable, painless technique, we are able to realign the skeletal structure to the balance that is natural for the body.
If your sports performance is a little less than optimal, I do what's called Kinetic Enhancement Treatment. Again, this is very comfortable and painless. One remains clothed on the massage table and is given the necessary treatment and alignment may be adjusted if required.

Some times, it is said that a team is having an 'off' season. Kinetic Enhancement Treatment can be performed for the team as a whole as well.

Some bodies will require more than one treatment depending of course on condition and life style.

Both of these treatments can be helpful in the case of concussion, current or past.
Kinetic Enhancement Treatment is fantastic for anyone in performance from athletes, singers, speakers, actors etc.

The treatments average 45 minutes have no contraindications and are very complimentary to what your medical Doctor may be advising.

My office is in Lindsay, however service can be mobile.
Price ranges depending on travel etc. starting at $50 in office. Group rates and team pricing is available.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific condition(s)

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