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Your body has the ability to get rid of toxins that accumulate from polluted air, water and junk food through exhalation, perspiration and excretion in the lungs, kidneys and the liver.

Problems arise
 when the rate of toxin intake exceeds the body’s natural ability to get rid of them. You start to feel drained and exhausted. This is the body telling you something is wrong and needs your attention.

Ionic Detox foot bath provides a safe, and effective way of releasing built up toxins. This is done without fasting or taking medications and will quickly renew your vitality and help you to cope with daily stresses.

Ionic Footbath $38.00 single treatment or $35.00 each for 2 person treatment + HST

Packages are available, people require 5-10 treatments depending on conditions and health.
Al Carte (with any treatment, add $25 for your choice of a personalized Angel Card reading or Mini Chakra and body alignment/adjustment session)


Symptoms of a Body Burdened by Toxins 


          Athlete’s Foot                         Poor Circulation                             Swelling                               Allergies                  
          Depression                             Constipation                                   Yeast                                    Sinuses         
          Fungus                                    Cellulite                                           Bad Breath                          Obesity                    
          Muscle Aches                         Brain Fog                                        Headaches                         Heart Problems        
          Diabetes                                  High Blood Pressure                    Stress                                  Joint and Muscle Pain
          Arthritis                                     Weak Immune Systems               Fatigue                                Digestive Disorder
          Poor Skin                                 Abdominal Bloating                      Anxiety                                Indigestion
          Post Cancer
As the electrons cross over the array some of the electrons remain in the water causing an imbalance. This is called negative ionization - this is a good thing!  While our feet are in the water, our body attempts to balance the imbalance in the water.  This process allows the body to let go of unnecessary particles like: toxins, acids poisons, metals, unprocessed minerals etc.
All these go into the water and often different colours will appear that can relate to the areas of your body that are
experiencing the detoxification and will be explained during the process.



"Nature has supplied us with an abundance
of colourful foods to nourish our bodies."


GREEN                           nourish the immune system, especially the liver and gall bladder 
RED                                 nourish the endocrine system, including the pituitary gland, as well as the heart and small intestines
ORANGE                        nourish the joints
YELLOW                         nourish the digestive system, including the spleen, stomach and pancreas
YELLOW-GREEN         nourish the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area
BROWN                          nourish the liver
WHITE                             nourish the respiratory system, but also the large intestines, lymphatic system and skin
BLACK                            nourish the circulatory system, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and bladder